All Things Mystical & Magickal, in Allentown is quite a feast for the eyes of the spiritually hungry: rows of herbs, books about all kinds of magick and mystery, along with Buddhist and Hindu figurines. Cindy, who I met behind the counter, very kindly agreed to be interviewed. Although her spiritual path – ascensionism – was not one I’d heard of before, Cindy was humble, humorous, and inspiring. Here’s a snippet of our talk together.

How would you define your spirituality?

I’m an ascentionist.

What does that mean?

Ascescion means that you see a vibration. Every aspect of anything on the earth, everything has a consciousness – in its own way, not like God. Everything has a consciousness, and our ultimate goal is to raise our vibrations and return back to the creator. Everything that we learn here – all the love we cultivate, all the experiences that we take with us.

How does that affect the way that you live your life?

Everything that I do, I appreciate. You’ll find some ascentionists where you’ll see – they’re funny, they have a list, if I do this, I’m going to raise my vibration this much. Vibration packets. I don’t believe in any of that. I think if you live your life, you try to do the best you can. You don’t have to live a spiritual path. But I choose to. So because I’ve made that decision, there are obstacles and goals that are put in front of me by my guide. And they’re for me to learn from.

You have a guide?

I have a spiritual guide, yes. I believe that you have a higher self, same sex as you. And that that person is on the ethereric side and they maintain all the past lives that you have, because you just couldn’t live on this life with that kind of knowledge. I think when you ascend the earth, because your vibrations are higher than the earth, you meld with your higher self. Her and you join together. So now I’m working with my sage. And that’s my sacred self.

Is that an ascension happen as an everyday experience, or is it something that you work toward?…

I don’t believe in working toward it, I just believe if you live your life naturally and you do everything that you know you’re supposed to do, and the time is right, then it comes to you. So I’m working with Lasoon, my sacred self. I’ve already integrated the feminine qualities in to my life, and now I’m working on will, purpose, and strength.

Sorry, I babble. (laugh)

No, this is great! How were you introduced to ascensionism?

Someone gave me a Shirley Maclaine book, Out on a Limb, it was 1986. And everything she said made sense. I was in my thirties, I had been struggling my whole life. I wasn’t happy, and I didn’t understand why. And all of a sudden, everything she said made sense. You can have a religion – I was raised orthodox Baptist, and you can have a spirituality. They might butt heads sometimes, but you have to decide which one is going to lead your life. Spirituality leads mine.

Is this your store?

No I volunteer here. A couple of us volunteer, and that way we can teach classes.

And what are your classes like?

I teach meditation classes: a basic, intermediary, and an advanced. The advanced is where I want you to become a participant in your meditation, not an observer. And that’s very difficult to do, but if you reach a certain stage, you can do it. So I’m not an observer of my meditations anymore, I just partake in them. And I teach about the 14 rays that we all live under. Also a 2012 class, levels of initiation, so different things like that.

What would you say is a spiritual place for you in the Lehigh Valley? This shop?

It’s so funny, this shop. When you step into the shop, anything that’s going on in your life, the… everybody has crap, everybody has the mundane – it disappears in here.

But I would say my most favorite place is my home, my family. I love my house – it’s just a little tiny house, three bedroom, one bath and that I would say is my spiritual place.

Because it has that sense of home.

It’s where my family is, it’s what I’ve created, I’ve grounded my home to the earth. You tether your home to the earth, and you tether your home to the rays that surround the earth, and create the sacred space for you.

What would be your advice to someone – whether an ascentionist or some other path – who wants to deepen their spirituality?

The one thing I’ve found in here is, people are very rigid. If they’re Wicca, they have to study just Wicca. I’m an ascentionist, but I believe in a lot of the practices that Wicca does. I believe in the energy, that North South East and West are representative of the energies that are around us, and we have to learn to use them in ways that are appropriate to our own life, and I really do believe that. I started out as a Buddhist – my aunt was a Buddhist, I didn’t know how to meditate, she tried to teach me – she had me on my knees for an hour, all I could think about was the pain! (laughs) So I like to meditate sitting up on a chair. So I mean, everybody has different aspect, but to me we all have the same spoke, we’re all heading to the same place – the center, which is the creator. So it doesn’t matter which spoke you take, it has to fit us. And if your spirituality doesn’t fit you, it’s not going to work.

It was wonderful to meet Cindy. I don’t know what I would have made of ascensionism reading it in a book – but meeting a practitioner, and one with so much clarity of thought, really gave me a good impression. I invite you to please wish blessings and good energy for Cindy on her spiritual path, and stop in All Things Mystickal & Magickal, on 1727 Liberty Street, Allentown, and check it out. Blessed be!