The Lehigh Valley has a little of everything. You can start your day being woken by a rooster on a farm – and after a few minutes drive be at any one of our three cities. You can have lunch at the Vietnemese restaurant and dinner at the Diner. And as you go about day you’ll interact with all kinds of different people (because we Pennsylvanians, unlike some areas of our great nation, tend to talk to each other). We are all different races, college students and car mechanics, libertarian and librarian. Somehow, more or less, we all get along fine.

There’s also great spiritual diversity in our region. We are “spiritual but not religious”, Christian of all denominations, Jewish, Wiccan, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Unitarian Universalist, Sikh, pagan, atheist, agnostic, and who knows what else. We have different beliefs about the sacred, different spiritual practices, and different responses to the great opportunity of being alive.

My intention in creating this blog is to celebrate this diversity, exploring spirituality from a local perspective. While spirituality is, arguably, universal to the human spirit, it is also local in the sense that our spiritual lives take shape in the concrete nature of our daily lives. Spirituality can be a nameless, wondrous feeling within us – but that feeling is stirred by the sight of the sunrise from a Nazareth apartment, or the sound of children in Cedar Crest Park. If you are interested in spirituality, and love the Lehigh Valley, I warmly invite you to this blog. Thank you for visiting.

I intend to start with two regular weekly features. “Monday Meditation” will be a reflection, written every Monday. I’ll write several of them, but I hope to include guest writers of various faiths, and none. Often the reflection will include reference to something specifically Lehigh Valley (though I must warn you, as a spirit-led being, I don’t always follow my own rules, nor do I ask the same of my guests!). On Fridays, I’ll post “Spirit Biographies”, which will be a transcript of an interview with ordinary Lehigh Valley residents. Ever wonder what the retail sales clerk at your favorite bike shop, or your accountant, or the Gracedale resident you smile at each Saturday, actually thinks about the world? Here’s your chance to find out.

In addition to the regular posts, there may be occasional “extras”. and I hope to add in additional features as I have time – starting with a weekly account of a visit to a congregation, yoga center, or other spiritual group.

Please feel free to comment, or to email me at

I hope you will find something in this blog that noursihes your spirit – or if “spirit” isn’t an alive term for you, something that you find insightful. Thank you again for being a guest here, I’m grateful for you.